General-purpose drive offers maximum strength and reliability

01-12-2021 | RS Components | Power

The Danfoss VLT Micro Drive, available now from RS Components, is a genuine VLT frequency converter with unsurpassed reliability, user-friendliness, condensed functionality, and is very easy to commission. Terminal numbers are named in the same manner as in the rest of the VLT family.

The drive is a full member of the family and shares the same quality of design, reliability and user-friendliness. Notwithstanding the compact size and easy commissioning, it can be set up to perform perfectly, even in complex application setups. round 100 parameters may be set to optimise energy efficiency and operation.

The smart logic controller is a simple, and yet clever way to make a drive, motor and application work seamlessly together. The controller can monitor any parameter that may be characterised as 'true' or 'false'. This includes digital commands and also logic expressions, which enable even sensor outputs to determine the operation. Temperature, load, frequency, pressure, flow, time, voltage and other parameters together with the operators '>', '<', '=', 'and' and 'or' form logic expressions that are true or false. As a result of this, users can program the controller to react to nearly any event.

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