Easier access to best high precision GNSS positioning performance

09-12-2021 | U-Blox | Test & Measurement

u-blox has launched a suite of products and feature additions that simplify access to reliable centimetre-level positioning accuracies for the industrial navigation and robotics markets. The upgraded ZED-F9P high precision GNSS receiver module and the corresponding NEO-D9S and NEO-D9C GNSS correction data receivers provide customers unparalleled flexibility in constructing scalable solutions for their specific use case, incorporating robotic lawnmowers, UAV, and semi-automated or fully automated machinery.

New correction service receivers provide broad geographical coverage across Europe, the continental US, and Japan. The software-upgraded ZED-F9P-04B high precision GNSS receiver is the first to support a secure SPARTN GNSS correction data format. It additionally connects seamlessly to two new GNSS correction service receiver modules that stream correction data from communication satellites: The NEO-D9S will initially cover the European and US markets before rolling out to the other areas of the globe. Meantime, the NEO-D9C will cover Japan.

NEO-D9S receives correction data employing the SSR SPARTN data format over the satellite L-band channel. It utilises cryptography to securely supply PPP-RTK GNSS correction data, like that provided by its PointPerfect service.

NEO-D9C employs the subscription-free CLAS broadcast over mainland Japan provided by the Japanese QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System) constellation on the L6 band channel.

While its GNSS receivers are intended to work with most correction services on the market, pairing the ZED-F9P with the NEO-D9C or the NEO-D9S correction data receiver allows customers to save data transmission cost and operational efforts.

By Natasha Shek