CO2 sensor offers accurate measurement with reduced form factor

16-12-2021 | Rutronik | Test & Measurement

Less susceptible to interference, the XENSIV PAS CO2 sensor utilises the principle of photoacoustic spectroscopy, which allows a notable reduction in form factor and at the same time a lower price point. Since PAS, in contrast to established NDIR technology, dispenses with a large number of optical components. The sensor's susceptibility to interference is decreased.

The combination of a small form factor (13.8mm x 14mm x 7.5mm) and SMD technology allows easier integration into volume applications. The device is ideal for employment in demand-controlled ventilation systems, air conditioning and air purifiers, CO2 ventilation alarms and emission controls, indoor air quality monitors, and IoT, smart home and smart city management.

Utilising advanced compensation and self-calibration algorithms, the sensor provides a durable and consistently high measurement quality. The accuracy for measurements in a range from 0 to 10,000ppm (specified) is ±30ppm or ±3% of the measured value.

The Xensiv PAS CO2 Sensor2Go Evaluation Kit and the Xensiv PAS CO2 Mini Evaluation Board are development components offered by Infineon. The Sensor2Go evaluation kit is ideal with simple plug and play through micro-USB cable, whereas the Mini Evaluation Board is a cost-effective way to incorporate the sensor on development boards utilising a standard pin header.

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