Ambient lighting taken to the next level with multi-channel LIN RGB LED controller

01-12-2021 | Melexis | Automotive & Transport

Melexis is strengthening the design of creative and animated automotive lighting by launching the MLX81118 multi-channel LIN RGB LED controller with 24 LED driver outputs. Able to drive eight RGB channels, it decreases the BOM and eases the design of cutting-edge interior and exterior lighting. In addition, it offers a new dual input-voltage capability that notably reduces LED power dissipation for LIN applications.

The company has extended its LIN RGB LED controller family by releasing the multi-channel device for ambient lighting and animated lighting applications within a LIN ecosystem. With 24 outputs, each able to source up to 60mA, the device can drive eight RGB channels. Independent PWM control, configurable up to 16-bit resolution, enables the controller to deliver any colour point and brightness level.

The device complements the company’s MLX81115 and MLX81113 to meet various applications. Unlike the MLX81113, principally employed for classical, ambient lighting functions, the new device is ideal for many applications where multiple RGB LEDs must be controlled by one LIN node within one or several modules, for example, in door trim parts or dashboard applications. The multi-channel support indicates that the device is also ideal for light animations controlled by LIN.

Built-in direct and indirect temperature monitoring allows temperature compensation for all channels to assure stable colour points over the complete temperature operating range, from -40C to 125C.

“The MLX81118 enables trend-setting styles by providing the highly flexible control needed for creative effects. With outputs to support eight RGB channels, and precision control of colour and brightness, designers can leverage new powers to add personalisation and enhance safety,” said Michael Bender, LIN product line manager at Melexis. “At the same time, we have added features to increase reliability, ease thermal management, and maximise temperature stability, ultimately delivering superior user experiences.”

A complete toolchain including an evaluation board, in-circuit-emulator, and C-Compiler package is available to assist in accelerating application development. Essential software, including a LIN driver, colour mixing, math library, and IC initialisation routines, are also available.

By Natasha Shek