Signal generator family provides signal purity and frequency stability

25-11-2021 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation has launched the Rubidium signal generator family that provides exceptional signal purity and frequency stability, even at high output power levels, over a wide frequency range of 9kHz to 43.5GHz. Together with built-in, easy-to-use, at-location frequency and power calibration capability, it provides excellent overall utility and long-term value in a wide range of commercial and defence/aerospace measurement applications.

Signal purity is crucial to a broad range of measurement applications ranging from radar testing to testing of ADCs and DACs. The signal generator gives ground-breaking low single sideband phase noise of -136dBc/Hz (typical) and -140dBc/Hz (measured) at 10GHz and 10kHz offset that is unmatched in the industry. Together with best-in-class harmonic and spurious performance, the signal generator allows customers to make measurements with greater accuracy.

The device highlights built-in, onsite frequency, and level calibration that is readily accessible with the touch of a button on the GUI interface. This feature assures customer level, accurate frequency wanted, timesaving, enhancing convenience, and increasing instrument availability. An Anritsu CW USB power sensor is needed for onsite level calibration. An internal GNSS/GPS atomic clock receiver or ultra-stability rubidium time base option is needed for onsite frequency calibration.

The device’s AM, FM/PM, and pulse modulation capabilities enable an extensive range of complex analog modulated signals. An internal low-frequency generator can produce seven different waveform types to modulate the carrier. Furthermore, simultaneous modulation of AM/FM, AM/PM, or FM/Pulse can generate complex modulation waveforms such as chirps. Broad signal simulation capabilities are built into the signal generator for pulsed radar testing.

The device is housed in a 3U chassis with a 7" touch screen on the front panel with a traditional keypad/dial interface. A wide range of options are provided to deliver optimum cost-to-function and measurement flexibility.

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