New features added to next-generation data-acquisition equipment

26-11-2021 | Yokogawa | Test & Measurement

Yokogawa Test & Measurement has added additional features to its newest DL950 ScopeCorder, enhancing its data acquisition abilities and adding firmware updatable options.

Utilising the new Flash Acquisition function, data may be captured across a long time with a high-speed sample rate of 20MS/s (8CH) and 10MS/s (16CH), which is 100 times faster than the past model.

This optional Flash memory feature makes the device excellent for capturing data at high sample rates anywhere a PC is not suitable, such as in a vehicle or at a remote site. Applications for this new acquisition feature may incorporate recording control signals and vibrations or temperature trends simultaneously in small spaces, such as inside a car or a train.

Other fields of use might include recording control signals or generated/consumed power in challenging environments, such as spaces near generators in a power plant or restricted volumes in a manufacturing factory.

The other significant new addition to the device is a new firmware version. This adds new features that enable GPS data to be obtained with the existing /C35 option. Data comprises time, latitude and longitude, altitude, velocity and direction.

The new firmware also adds new real-time computing functions to the current /G03 or /G05 option. These functions are CAN ID, IIR filter, rotary angle, angle math, resolver and power math. Also added are new attenuation ratios for voltage and current probes.

“With these new DL950 updates, the already excellent ScopeCorder family attains new levels of data acquisition speed and greatly improved usability”, says Terry Marrinan, Yokogawa Test and Measurement’s vice president, Marketing.

“These new features further extend the versatility of this leading data recorder, ensuring users have the options they need to take measurements in a wide variety of applications.”

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