New connectivity solution powered by LTE-M/NB-IoT

11-11-2021 | TT Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The series is an end-to-end IoT framework that seamlessly provides infrastructure, hardware, connectivity, and user experience solutions. The platform assists users to streamline the secure connection of products and systems and facilitates data-led business decisions, giving benefits such as predictive and preventative maintenance, carbon footprint reduction, and other efficiency improvements.

The solution is a cellular-connected and battery-operated retrofit device that transmits a pre-defined message when the push-button is activated. An E-ink display, simply configured by the online portal, communicates the desired messaging, and the command or notification may be sent to multiple receivers.

This simple yet effective device offers an affordable solution for many applications to alert and communicate remotely. It is ultra-discreet and can be employed to provide commands in endless applications from hospitals, care homes, factory production lines, warehouses, hotel receptions, restaurants, and more. It can help enhance business communications and allow employees to carry out tasks more efficiently.

“Embedded with an eSIM and powered by LTE-M / NB-IoT with 2G fall-back, S-2CONNECT Press is not reliant on local WiFi networks where coverage can be unreliable and subject to regular password updates,” commented Kjell Karlsson, managing director at TT Electronics. “We designed a solution that is easy to use, quick to install, and delivers global coverage for almost any application imaginable.”

Messaging on the energy-saving display is configured in the online portal delivered by the company and can give the command to multiple email addresses. After one press of the button, the confirmation message is presented. Charged through a standard USB interface, the device is low power, and battery life can be up to 10 months.

For large-scale deployment, customisation – such as customer branding, push-button colour, and alternative cellular network provider – is available. Cellular connectivity is offered in association with Telenor Connexion.

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