MOSFETs offer large FOM improvements for more efficient power conversion

16-11-2021 | TTI Europe | Power

Vishay Gen V TrenchFET MOSFETs, available now from TTI Europe, provide industry-leading RDS x Qg FOM. Compared to the nearest competing product on the market, the devices provide FOM improvements of 50% to 78% for more efficient power conversion, saving energy by increasing the efficiency of power conversion topologies and switching circuitry. The secondary side of power converters for servers and telecom infrastructure is a key application space for these MOSFETs.

Key applications for this new 80V, 100V, and 150V product family include synchronous rectification, primary side switch, DC-DC converters, OR-ing and hot-swap switch, power supplies, motor drive control and battery management. Typical areas of use include servers, power tools, USB-C adapters, telecom infrastructure and industrial equipment.