Interlocked hinge protects packaging equipment

30-11-2021 | Elesa | Subs & Systems

A common need for packaging equipment lines is the requirement for frequent access to adjust, correct, re-set or reprogramme. This is a situation where the ingenious Elesa CFSW combined hinge and electrical cut-off switch provides a safe and straightforward solution.

Packaging lines are continuously developing to secure cost-effective manufacture, often demanding to include new machines and deliver low maintenance costs. This hinge-cut-off series assists in simplifying these machine guarding systems by removing the requirement for separate brackets and switches and has delivered a notable cost saving in components and fitting times.

Packaging machine manufacturers are particularly conscious of waste, recycling and usage of resources in their FMCG packaging marketplace. They are constantly seeking to reduce packaging materials such as cardboard and plastic wrap for their transit packs. These safety switch hinges support that process.

Many packaging machines are frequently employed in areas connected with regular wash-down cycles, so the hinge is highly suitable, giving IP67 dust and water protection.

The device is double insulated and approved by IMQ CA02.04800 in compliance with EN 60947-1/2007 + EN 60947-5-1:2004 + A1/2009. Low voltage control auxiliaries. Approved by UL: E360222.l. It is available with different combinations of contacts with a positive opening (2NO+2NC, 1NO+3NC) and with varying output positions of eight pole male connectors or cables.

These robust devices are tested to a B10d value of 2,000,000, are tamper-proof, and may be swiftly and easily installed. The integrated cut-off hinge offers a simple, reliable and elegant solution to this personnel or equipment safety issue.

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