Hot-swap and blind mating power connectors offer high-reliability

05-11-2021 | Lane Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Now available from Lane Electronics is Positronic Goldfish, part of the Positronic range of high-reliability power and signal connectors providing mission-critical performance.

The versatile GFSH range provides designers with hot-swap capability (mating and un-mating while powered up) with secure blind mating, permitting up to 2mm misalignment. These features, together with the compact form and combination layouts, make the range ideal for the latest compact, high-reliability power delivery and control systems.

Users can specify 20A, 30A, 35A and 50A solid machined contact combinations in a mixed density package. Multiple contact sizes provide the mixing of AC/DC input, signal, and DC distributed output in a single compact connector. These connectors provide six contact options with touch-safe recessed female contacts and large surface area contacts, consolidating energy saving with low contact resistance. The precision copper alloy gold plated contacts are rated at 500 mating cycles.

The larger GG series of connectors offers a similar modular approach of multiple contact sizes in one connector and provides larger contact sizes up to 200A and 1000 mating cycles.

Options across both ranges include sequential mating, solder PCB mount, crimp, press-fit and bus-bar terminations and a selection of panel mount, float mount or jackscrew fixing and a broad variety of cable clamp hood accessories.

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