Easy creation of customised multi-channel test and measurement systems

08-11-2021 | Spectrum | Test & Measurement

Spectrum Instrumentation has added a digital I/O card indicating that it has completed its M2p family of PCIe cards. With the comprehensive, matching set of digitisers and arbitrary waveform generators, customers may now produce economical, multi-channel, test and measurement systems to accurately satisfy their requirements for signal acquisition and waveform generation in the speed range up to 125MSamples per second. The M2p cards are all half-length PCIe cards so that they can be included in virtually any desktop PC to produce a system that fits the specifications needed.

The demand for multi-channel testing has never been greater. electronic components, devices and systems, continue to develop in complexity, often utilising array and parallelisation techniques to improve their performance. In turn, their testing demands more measurements to be made simultaneously and at higher speeds. The series provides a convenient solution, enabling the creation of customised test systems with tens, or even hundreds, of analog and digital channels.

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