Connectors and cable assemblies portfolio can offer cost savings of up to 50%

09-11-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Mouser now stocks the EP-SMA 27GHz connectors, adaptors, and cable assemblies from TE Connectivity. The EP-SMA 27GHz portfolio provides engineers with increased bandwidth, power and performance that are ideal for 5G, automated test equipment, aerospace and defence, wireless devices, and radar.

The portfolio offers low insertion loss, as well as superior voltage standing wave ratios (VSWR) of <1.15 (max.) for adaptors and <1.20 for cable assemblies. The product's components have the same footprint as SMA-6GHz, 12GHz and 18GHz solutions, which means designers can frequently avoid altering current layouts to increase frequencies up to 27GHz or higher-signal SMA performance.

Using these connectors in an upgrade can offer a cost savings of up to 50% in applications currently using 2.92mm (40GHz) or 3.5mm (33GHz) products performing at 27GHz or lower. Furthermore, the products’ robust, high-quality materials allow up to 500 mating cycles.

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