Anti-vandal pushbutton switch fits into designs with limited space

08-11-2021 | C&K Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

C&K has released a new pushbutton switch, the ATPS22 Series sealed anti-vandal pushbutton switch. Provided with a shorter bushing than the ATP19 and 22 Series, the new switch fits into designs with limited space behind the panel. As well as the solder lug layout, the switch is also provided with wire termination for simple integration into a product.

The IP67-rating allows the device to be employed in harsh outdoor environments as well as standard indoor settings. With a mechanical life of 1,000,000 actuations, it is perfect for frequently used applications and applications that can be hard to service once constructed.

The series is generally used in applications such as safety and security systems, intercom 'push-to-talk' devices, food and drink vending machines, parking lot ticket machines/ticket paying stations and industrial instruments.

“The versatile ATPS22 was developed to fill a gap in the C&K product offering where a shorter body pushbutton was needed,” said Edward Mork, global product manager at C&K. “Adding a shorter bushing allows the switch to fit into more applications while still performing the task at hand for many actuations to come.”

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