3D face recognition for secure access control with MCU-based solutions

09-11-2021 | NXP | Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors has announced the development of its NXP EdgeReady solution portfolio, adding a solution for secure face recognition that employs a high-performance 3D structured light module (SLM) camera together with the i.MX RT117F crossover MCU. This is the first solution to consolidate a 3D SLM camera with an MCU to produce the performance and security of 3D face recognition at the edge, thereby excluding the necessity to use an expensive and power-hungry Linux implementation on an MPU, as is generally needed with high-performance 3D cameras.

The newest EdgeReady solution allows developers of smart locks and other access control systems to add machine learning-based secure face recognition quickly and simply to smart home and smart building products. The solution produces reliable 3D face recognition in indoor and outdoor applications over varied lighting conditions, including bright sunlight, dim night light, or other challenging lighting conditions that are difficult for traditional face recognition systems.

Using a 3D SLM camera facilitates advanced liveness detection, assisting in distinguishing a real person from spoofing techniques, such as a photograph, imitator mask or a 3D model, to stop unauthorised access.

The i.MX RT117F employs an advanced machine learning model as part of the company's eIQ machine learning software running on its high-performance CPU core that allows faster and accurate face recognition to enhance the user experience and power efficiency.

Similar to the i.MX RT106F MCU-based EdgeReady solution for secure face recognition, advanced liveness detection and face recognition are all performed locally at the edge, making it possible for personal biometric data to reside on the device. This assists in addressing consumer privacy concerns, while also removing the latency associated with cloud-based solutions.

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