Power MOSFET elevates efficiency and reduces power loss

22-10-2021 | TTI Europe | Power

The Vishay SIDR626DP TrenchFET Gen IV 60 V power MOSFET PowerPAK SO-8DC product family offers low RDS-Qg FOM. It elevates efficiency and reduces power loss across several elements of switch-mode power supply designs. The family is available now from TTI Europe.

With excellent RDS-Qg and RDS-Qoss, it provides high-performance products that improve the efficiency of power conversion and increase power density. The top side cooling feature gives additional venue for thermal transfer. With low maximum on-resistance down to 1.7mOhm at 10V this new device lessens conduction loss. The device reduces power loss from gate driving, charging and discharging output capacitance, improving efficiency in synchronous rectification and switching applications.

The family is ideal for synchronous rectification in AC/DC power supplies; primary- and secondary-side switching in DC/DC topologies for power delivery in telecom, server, medical equipment; half-bridge power stage and buck-boost converter in voltage regulation for server and telecom equipment; DC-DC converter in solar micro-inverters ; motor drive control in power tools and industrial equipment; battery switching in battery management modules; and load switching for 24V systems.

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