New triaxial piezoresistive accelerometer for high G shock

20-10-2021 | Endevco/Brüüel & Kjæær | Test & Measurement

Endevco has released a new accelerometer for high g shock applications, including rocket sled testing, studying the effects of pyroshock events, train crash testing, and weapons testing. Model 7274A is a rugged, triaxial, piezoresistive accelerometer intended for high-acceleration shock measurements in three mutually perpendicular axes. It is undamped for excellent linearity and minimal phase shift with fast response time.

“Cable noise is an important consideration in high-shock, dynamic environments because the cable can be jarred or impacted, even when it is carefully tied down. This generates static build-up, which can flow through to the conductors and appear in accelerometer output,” said Jennifer MacDonell, MEMS product line manager at Endevco. “The housing on Model 7274 features a robust, low noise, eight-conductor cable that can repeatedly withstand the high-acceleration shock environment.”

Model 7274A is offered in 2K, 6K, 20K and 60K g full-scale ranges. It provides high resonance frequency and is rugged to three times the full-scale range.

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