New dual MOSFETs deliver class-leading low ON resistance

20-10-2021 | ROHM Semiconductor | Power

ROHM has developed dual-MOSFET products (Nch+Pch) featuring ±40V/±60V withstand voltages, with its QH8Mx5/SH8Mx5 series. The devices are excellent for driving motors in base stations (cooling fans) and industrial applications such as factory automation equipment requiring 24V input.

The company developed its sixth generation 40V/60V MOSFETs using the latest precision processes for the Nch MOSFETs, following the launch of the latest generation Pch MOSFETs. This combination provides class-leading dual Nch+Pch MOSFETs that give the ±40V/±60V withstand voltage needed for 24V input. Furthermore, the company also developed the +40V/+60V QH8Kxx/SH8Kxx (Nch+Nch) series to support a broader range of needs. (Twelve models in total of Nch+Pch and Nch+Nch.)

The series employs the latest processes to deliver class-leading lower ON resistance, 61% lower than the Pch MOSFETs in dual MOSFETs products in the ±40V class. This adds to notably lower power consumption in a diversity of applications. Furthermore, integrating two devices into a single package contributes to miniaturising applications by decreasing mounting area and the workload needed for component selection (combining Nch and Pch).

Typical application examples include Fan motors for base stations and industrial equipment (i.e. factory automation, robots); and Fan motors for large-scale consumer devices.

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