Making leaps with e-mobility power solution

05-10-2021 | GaN Systems | Power

GaN Systems and EPowerlabs are collaborating to offer a high-density DC-DC power converter (DDC48-1K) for a broad range of 48V mobility applications for industrial, consumer, and automotive customers.

Using GaN solves space constraint hurdles typical in electric mobility systems by offering more power in smaller form factors. The converter is one-third smaller and 50% lighter than standard converters and has an overall efficiency of over 95%.

“Creating a more sustainable world through e-mobility is at the heart of our mission and leveraging technologies like GaN are vital in accelerating this move,” said Mikel Parel, CEO of EPowerlabs, “This is demonstrated by our GaN Systems-based converter, which reduces power losses by more than 50% compared to silicon-based designs in the market and is one-third the size of legacy converters."

With an input voltage range of 24-60VDC and rated at up to 1kW continuous power, this converter offers a reliable and efficient solution for electric mopeds and scooters, EV systems and vehicles, and many transportation and robotics applications.

By Natasha Shek