High optical output laser diode for LiDAR supports longer distances

14-10-2021 | ROHM Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ROHM has developed a 75W high optical output laser diode, the RLD90QZW3, for applications including AGVs and service robots in the industrial equipment sector and robot vacuums in the consumer field that include LiDAR for distance measurement and spatial recognition.

In recent years, LiDAR is has been increasingly adopted in a wide variety of applications required to be automated to accurately measure distance and for spatial recognition. The company meets this market demand by establishing original patented technology to deliver narrower emission width. This contributes to a longer range and higher accuracy in LiDAR applications. In 2019, it released the RLD90QZW5 25W laser diode adopted primarily in the consumer electronics sector. This latest product extends applicability in the industrial sector by offering higher optical output.

The new device is a 75W infrared high optical output laser diode produced for LiDAR used in distance measurement and spatial recognition in 3D ToF systems. Leveraging original device development technology enables the company to deliver an unprecedented emission width of 225µm at the equivalent optical output. This is 22% narrower than traditional products, increasing beam characteristics. At the same time, uniform emission intensity together with low-temperature dependence of the laser wavelength assure stable performance – contributing to higher accuracy and extend longer distances in various LiDAR applications. Furthermore, a power conversion efficiency (which is a trade-off with narrow emission width) of 21% – the same as standard products (at a forward current of 24A and 75W output) – enables use without increased power consumption.

A wide range of design support data is also available on the company's website free of charge, including optical circuit simulation models and application notes on drive circuit design. This is required for integration and evaluation that supports quick market introduction.

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