Expansion of ceramic capacitor portfolio

05-10-2021 | Rutronik | Passives

For critical applications at high operating temperatures, the Goldmax ceramic capacitor with radial through-hole configuration in the X8L dielectric portfolio in Commercial and Automotive Grade is the optimal solution when robust and reliable components are required. Thanks to their special reliability, these capacitors are often used in automotive circuits or high-temperature applications in general. The portfolio is available at Rutronik24.

The device has a time- and voltage-dependent capacitance. The minimum change in capacitance about the ambient temperature of up to +125C is convincing here. Beyond +125C, X8L shows a greater change in capacitance. This is limited to ±15% from -55C to +125C and +15, -40% from +125C to +150C.

The capacitance extensions are available on Goldmax types C320, C322, C323, C326, and C328. The 50V capacitance range is new from 1.2uF to 2.2uF. The lead spacing is 2.54 and 5.08mm.

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