Common mode choke created for noise suppression applications

14-10-2021 | TTI Europe | Passives

The TT Electronics HA19 common mode choke, available now from TTI Europe, is created specifically for noise suppression applications seen in the growth and expansion of new-generation vehicles such as electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The series provides high efficiency and superior current handling in a rugged construction.

The device is mechanically robust and features low DC resistance and low temperature rise performance. It is ideal for high-efficiency electric power steering EMI applications where size and AEC-Q200 certification is critical.

The operating temperature range is -40C to +125C, with a rated current up to 44A and an ambient temperature of a maximum of +85C. Temperature rise is a maximum of 40C. The device has a proven performance in maintaining transmission signal integrity.

The device is ideal for high-frequency EPS noise suppression applications, including transportation, electric power steering, electronic control units, engine control, transmission control, industrial, switch mode power supply, and DC-DC converters.

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