Support arms for multiple applications available

22-09-2021 | Foremost | Subs & Systems

Foremost Electronics now offers machine builders and process control system designers one of the most extensive and versatile ranges of HMI support arms obtainable from a single source.

Schroff-nVent monitoring and management support arms are a modern-looking design for mounting a flat-screen monitor of up to 24” with a keyboard and mouse for employment in industrial or laboratory environments. The fully integrated design may be installed on any cabinet by one person in a few minutes. These support arms enable screen tilting with optional swivel and rotation functions for individual requirements, and the keyboard can be folded up to save space. Two models are offered with or without a keyboard tray. The keyboard tray unit offers space-saving cable management within the wall duct.

The Idec HT3P Safety Commander Series of support arms save the expenses of having a bespoke programming pendant or permanent touch panel in each workplace and enables machine programming or maintenance from a standard tablet. The series improves safety and operability for both right- and left-handed users and adjusts to vertical and horizontal use. It will accommodate industry-standard tablets of multiple sizes and incorporates a USB charging port. Built-in safety features include an emergency stop switch with an LED indicator and a three-position enabling switch and key locking function. The support arm has a rugged construction with a drop resistance of 1.2m and IP54 protection.

Support arms for HMI enclosures from TEKNOKOL give cost-effective mounting to machines and allow modular assembly and customisable solutions for loads up to 120kg. Three different series are offered, all compatible with its Operator Control panels and HMI enclosures giving a fully integrated assembly. Providing a sleek, modern design, a broad range of components can accommodate many configurations, and a sealed mechanism ensures long life. It also supplies Coupling Towers for when a support arm and panel assembly may not be directly attached to a machine or an automated production line.

Emma Kempster, key account manager, Foremost Electronics, comments: "Automation in manufacturing systems continues to grow, and the demand for distributed, on-machine control using standard tablet computers has led to great innovation in support arms for use by machine builders. We can offer our customers a wide choice of designs and features from market-leading supplies to simplify their design and procurement process."

By Natasha Shek