SoMs feature extensive IoT connectivity options

15-09-2021 | Arrow | Subs & Systems

Arrow Electronics has signed an agreement to sell RBZ Robot Design's SIMPLIA SoM series worldwide. These SoM solutions provide a compact form factor that enables them to offer not only a powerful processor but also wired and wireless IoT connectivity elements, advanced HMI interfaces and AI systems. The SoMs are compatible with each other, which means that the designs are scalable in performance and connectivity.

RBZ has evolved its services and products to provide customised solutions and SoM systems based on NXP processors. The SoM offerings enable a high degree of configurability to assist different industries with a strong focus on applications requiring connectivity.

The entire product range comprises an optional NXP authentication element, enabling the products to satisfy the latest device certification standards.

The products may be customised in terms of memory and form factor. It can include proprietary communication systems or customers’ own electronics if the production volume is adequate. Carrier design and development of customised SDKs for customers are also possible.

By Natasha Shek