Software breaks down barriers between deep learning and traditional vision

24-09-2021 | Cognex | Design & Manufacture

Cognex Corporation has released VisionPro 10.0 and VisionPro Deep Learning 2.0, two new releases in its VisionPro line of vision software.

VisionPro 10.0 is a major update of the company’s PC-based platform that provides faster application performance and simpler application setup. VisionPro Deep Learning 2.0 is intended to combine tightly with VisionPro 10.0, allowing customers to consolidate deep learning and traditional vision tools in the same application.

The new releases also include advanced vision tools for precision gauging and inspection applications. SmartLine is claimed to be the industry’s first hybrid smart tool. It blends deep learning enhanced line finding for complex scenes with precise positional data from traditional vision algorithms. The new VisionPro Deep Learning high detail segmenter is created for demanding medical and electronics applications that need accurate measurement of scratches, contamination and other defects.

“As deep learning gains a foothold in the factory, we are seeing that many applications require more than just traditional vision or deep learning alone - they need both for the best solution,” said Joerg Kuechen, Sr vice president of Vision Products. “The new VisionPro makes it easier for users to leverage the full range of powerful Cognex vision technology to address new and increasingly complex vision challenges.”

By Natasha Shek