Non-magnetic RF inductor for medical imaging and other applications

24-09-2021 | Gowanda | Passives

Gowanda Electronics has introduced a new non-magnetic RF thru-hole (leaded) inductor series – 28MG. This series is excellent for employment in medical imaging equipment and other applications where magnetic materials must be avoided.

The series was created to meet the market demand for non-magnetic inductors that could produce inductance values of up to 18µH for use in MRI equipment, specific types of X-ray equipment and other applications where the presence of magnetic materials could compromise system performance. This covers applications in telecommunications, security systems, laboratory analysis equipment, instrumentation, aviation equipment, navigation equipment and electronic test equipment.

The performance range offered by the 60 discrete parts within the series comprises inductance from 1.2µH to 18µH, DCR Ohms from 0.079 to 4.15 and Current Rating mA DC from 315 to 2400. All of the company's non-magnetic surface mount and thru-hole inductors, including this new series, offer relative permeability of ≤ 1.00003.

The operating temperature range for the series is -55C to +125C. The inductors are epoxy encapsulated for environmental protection and excellent strength to withstand all types of reflow soldering. Standard terminations are SnPb; RoHS-compliant terminations are provided when 'LF' is specified.

Gowanda will be at BIOMEDevice, booth #1054, in Boston on September 21-22, 2021 and at MD&M Midwest in Minneapolis, booth #2235, November 3-4, 2021.

By Natasha Shek