Miniature digital temperature sensor provides accurate temperature data

30-09-2021 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

The TE Connectivity TSYS3 is a miniature digital temperature sensor that supplies factory calibrated, highly accurate temperature data. The device is available now from TTI Europe.

The device comprises a durable temperature sensor element, A/D converter, and microcontroller to manage data communications through an I2C interface. It is available in a TDFN8 or an XDFN6 package to simply adapt to the space available on a PCB. These packages are extremely small and have a low thermal mass which gives a quick response to temperature changes. The operating and measurement temperature range is -40C to +125C with a resolution of ±0.01C. Operating and sleep currents are very low, making this sensor excellent for mobile and battery power applications.

Typical applications include industrial control, and replacement of precision RTDs, thermistors and NTCs, heating/cooling systems, HVAC, medical probes and patient monitoring, weather stations, fitness watches and wearables, and consumer appliances.

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