Make fast and secure connections with single-pole spring terminals

14-09-2021 | Cliff Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cliff Electronics provides a wide range of Single-Pole Spring Terminals that offer simple, fast and reliable connections for a wide variety of applications.

Cliff Single-Pole Spring Terminals can be designed into professional and consumer audio systems, test and measurement instruments, power supplies, industrial equipment and pyrotechnic installations. Terminal spindles and mounting hardware are manufactured from high-quality solid brass and nickel-plated. Plastic parts are moulded from tough glass-reinforced nylon or polypropylene, and mounting hardware is commonly supplied unassembled.

Three models are available, providing a spring in the top of the binding post for quick release, and all are rated at 48V, 1A. The SPT1 has an M3 thread fitting, and the SPT2 is mounted by a short M4 threaded stud, and both are offered in red or black. The SPT3 type features a long M4 thread fitting and can be ordered in red, black, blue, green, white and yellow. All types are intended to be screwed down on bare cable ends and can also accept a 4mm plug.

Dan Walker, general sales manager of Cliff Electronics, comments: “Single-pole spring terminals are used in a huge number of applications where fast and often repeated, connections have to be made quickly and reliably. We can supply a range of mounting options to allow system designers and panel builders to find the best fit for their needs.”

By Natasha Shek