Expert designs for embedded processing, connectivity, analog and power

24-09-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Mouser offers time-saving design solutions providing the complementary and combined product portfolios from Renesas Electronics and Dialog Semiconductor, a Renesas company.

By joining forces, Renesas and Dialog are providing new comprehensive design solutions to benefit customers in embedded processing, analog, power and connectivity. These solutions are now available from Mouser. These engineering-vetted solutions enable customers to utilise an elevated platform for their design ideas, expediting the product development cycle and lowering the overall risk to take new designs to market.

The new offerings include a 100W adapter with Power Delivery (PD) and wireless charging, a smart asset tracking label, a smart connected pulse oximeter, a smart ToF-based rangefinder, and a smart lock with super-low power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

To meet the demand for fast-charging, multi-functional chargers, the 100W PD adaptor solution supports a maximum PD output of 65W, BC1.2 fast charging, and QI 15W wireless charging, as well as two 5V 2.1A USB A ports. The smart asset tracking label consolidates a relative humidity and temperature sensor, ultra-low-quiescent current buck-boost regulator, ultra-low-power Bluetooth-enabled SoC, and low-energy serial NOR flash memory.

The company’s smart oximeter with mobile app is a super-low-power turnkey solution that offers accurate measurements with a full system reference design, medical level algorithm and mobile connectivity with reference apps. The smart rangefinder solution is based on Renesas’ ISL29501 ToF sensor IC. Optimised for handheld applications, the rangefinder is simple to design and control while also delivering accurate wide range distance measurement.

Finally, the smart lock solution includes three low-power Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, plus NVM-programmable devices and a high-performance 32-bit microcontroller to provide a home- and building-automation solution with fingerprint control and low-power Bluetooth and low-power Wi-Fi options.