DC-DC converters ideal for renewable energy applications

09-09-2021 | TTI Europe | Power

The Murata MGJ2 SMD series, available now from TTI Europe, was developed for supplying optimised positive and negative voltages ideal for gate drivers for IGBT/MOS and SiC. With low ultra-low isolation capacitance to lessen CMTI and signal clipping in high switching speed applications.

The series has characterised partial discharge performance, and CMTI >200kV/┬Ás and features a continuous Isolation Barrier withstand voltage of up to 2.5kV.

The device is characterised for gate driving applications for reliable performance in high voltage applications. The device is a compact, low profile, lightweight surface mount solution with reinforced insulation 250VAC pending to UL62368-1, ES60601-1, 2 and MOPP recognition pending.

Typical applications include energy storage -DC/AC conversion, energy storage DC to high power DC for grid transmission, solar inverter optimisation and wind turbines.

By Natasha Shek