Current sense resistors for IoT and robotics

01-09-2021 | Stackpole | Passives

IoT and Robotics need high efficiency and small size to maximise functionality. For current sensing, this signifies high power in small case sizes and low resistance values. The CSSH0805 from Stackpole is an all-metal chip resistor with a 1W power rating, resistance values down to 0.5milliohms and TCR ranging from 50ppm to 100ppm. This high power, low-value combination enables the device to be employed for designs that usually need a 1206 or 2010 size current sense resistor, saving vital PCB space. The robust device provides stable electrical and environmental performance under a wide range of industry-standard tests.

The exceptional high-power capability, stability, low resistance values, and accuracy of the devices are also perfect for functions and end products incorporating home appliances, power modules, frequency converters, solid-state power supplies, portable battery management, hybrid power control and automotive power and control.