Critical condition monitoring with wireless temperature solution

08-09-2021 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

Sensata’s Industrial IoT solutions offer condition monitoring capabilities that can be employed in mission-critical applications. One such application is high resistance joint monitoring, where employment of IoT can ensure safety on solar farms.

The company's IWTT Wireless Temperature Transducers, available now from TTI Europe, are a cost-effective replacement to a traditionally wired temperature transducer that provides the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments. The benefits of going wireless are numerous; no expensive wiring to remote locations, sensors are simple to install and relocate, and they can be employed in most environments, including outdoors. These wireless temperature sensors are successfully employed at solar energy farms.

Other application areas include industrial manufacturing plants, food and beverage, utility and smart grid, oil and gas, defence and aerospace, railway embarkments, and water treatment plants.

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