4G dual LAN small footprint Gigabit Ethernet industrial router

23-09-2021 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

Siretta’s QUARTZ-GOLD router, available now from RS Components, is a high-performance industrial router intended for transferring large amounts of data through the European LTE Cat 4 cellular network, with dual built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports. The device’s fast data transfer capability reaches up to 150Mbps download and up to 50Mbps upload speed. It also has a fall-back to 3G/UMTS communication, should 4G/LTE be unavailable.

The router provides a robust design encased in a small-sized metal enclosure, making it excellent for deployment in industrial embedded applications. The QUARTZ-GOLD software supports VPN security enabling the router to be employed in commercial and industrial applications. The router satisfies many of the demands for the management of remote communication. It, therefore, has applications in renewable energy, security, digital signage, street furniture, environmental monitoring, transport, traffic control, parking systems, and many other IoT/mobile broadband applications.

The device comes as standard with a single SIM slot, dual-port gigabit ethernet capability and optional GNSS capability, which indicates the router is ideal for asset tracking or access management applications.

Gigabit WAN failover is supported to offer network redundancy for a user's connected gigabit LAN utilising the fast LTE Cat 4 cellular network.

The router is ideal for IoT/mobile broadband applications, providing reliable, secure wireless connectivity.

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