New higher performance and lower cost transistors debut

19-08-2021 | GaN Systems | Semiconductors

GaN Systems has introduced two new transistors in the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of GaN power transistors. The transistors are packaged in a standard 8mm x 8mm PDFN package. The GS-065-011-2-L enables users to diminish the cost per watt of delivered powered in 45W to 150W applications. The GS-065-030-2-L is the first product on the market that allows designers to get the advantages of low-cost GaN in applications up to the 3,000W power level. These new parts add to the company's family of low-cost GaN transistors that allow designers to take the next step in enhanced performance in thermal management, efficiency, and power density with increased design flexibility and cost-effectiveness to meet new demands from consumers, industrial, and data centre customers.

These new transistors provide lower on-resistance, improved robustness, thermal performance, higher VDS(transient) rating, and an industry-standard form factor that facilitates customer adoption, scalability, and commercialisation.

The GS-065-011-2-L is a 650V, 11A, 150mOhm bottom-side cooled transistor ideal for consumer electronics applications, including chargers and adapters, and higher power adapter designs that benefit from the transistor’s improved thermal performance. The GS-065-030-2-L is a 650V, 30A, 50mOhm bottom-side cooled transistor, which features the lowest RDS(on) in its PDFN product family. Lower RDS(on) means lower power loss and higher power rating, resulting in higher efficiency and power density. The GS-065-030-2-L GaN transistor is ideal for industrial, data centre, and 5G applications such as telecom and server SMPS, energy storage systems, motor drives, and Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC solutions.

"GaN has made its mark in power electronics – in size, weight, efficiency, cost, and performance – and we are proud of the advancements we have made with every new generation of products so that customers can maximise the benefits of GaN. With these new GS-065-011-2-L and GS-065-030-2-L products, our customers can leverage the benefits that come from smaller, more efficient, and more cost-effective power electronics," said Jim Witham, CEO at GaN Systems.

By Natasha Shek