Free-air convection cooled open-frame power supplies for industrial applications

31-08-2021 | Cosel | Power

COSEL Co, Ltd has launched the 150W and 300W free air convection cooled power supplies, the LHP150F and the LHP300F. Created for industrial applications necessitating high levels of safety, the devices are certified according to EN62477-1 (OVC III). The products operate over a wide universal input voltage range of 85VAC to264VAC and have a high typical efficiency rating of 93%. The devices are provided in five different output voltages generally used in industrial automation and processes, with 200% peak power capability for up to ten seconds for dynamic loads. The standard product is an open frame PCB type, with a chassis and cover offered as an option.

Industrial applications need efficient power supplies capable of working in various environments with a high level of safety. The devices are certified to the EN62477-1 Over Voltage Category Three (OVC III), meaning that final equipment powered by the products can be connected straight to the main distribution panel without adding an additional level of isolation. This simplifies the system designer’s task, decreasing cost and ensuring the highest level of efficiency.

Designed for worldwide applications, the devices have an input voltage of 85 to 264VAC. Five output voltages are available: 24V, 30V, 36V, 42V and 48V with respective output current of 6.3A, 5A, 4.2A, 3.6A and 3.2A for the LHP150F and 12.5A, 10A, 8.4A, 7.2A and 6.3A for the LHP300F. The output voltage may be adjusted employing a built-in potentiometer.

The series has a five-year warranty and conform to the European RoHS, REACH and Low Voltage Directives.

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