Moisture meter and thermal imager locates issues at the source

07-07-2021 | Teledyne FLIR | Test & Measurement

Created to scan large areas for moisture issues, air leaks, electrical problems, and more, the FLIR MR265 Moisture Meter and Thermal Imager with MSX enables professionals to swiftly identify and find water leaks and other moisture issues at the source. This dual thermal imager and measurement tool consolidates a 160 x 120 resolution Lepton thermal camera, visual camera, laser pointer, pin and pinless moisture detection for quicker leak identification and measurement and provides easy reporting through the FLIR Thermal Studio Suite.

Home inspectors, contractors, and other professionals who need to consolidate tools without risking function will recognise the multiple ways to read and report moisture levels with the device, as well as identify temperature irregularities that could denote issues from leaking pipes, to overheating circuits, to inefficient windows and doors.

“Using the MR265 is great because it can read moisture levels in a couple of different ways, and using the onboard thermal camera with the laser, I can find temperature anomalies in circuit breaker boxes faster than ever. It’s not too big, so it is easy to carry in my satchel. It’s a tool that has more than one function, so I don’t have to carry as many different tools with me. This is a great addition to my inspection tools. I like this tool very much,” said Terry Meyer, home inspector, Metro Home Inspections.

By Natasha Shek