Free magnetic design simulator provides fast results with high accuracy

08-07-2021 | Melexis | Design & Manufacture

Melexis has launched a free online simulation tool for magnetic sensor evaluation and module design. The tool provides customers’ engineering teams with the capability to design and simulate their own magnets based on the company's Triaxis 2D/3D sensors. By utilising the simulation application, engineers can swiftly design a custom magnetic sensor module to their own specifications.

It has developed this free online simulation application for its Triaxis range of magnetic sensors, comprising linear and rotary applications. It simulates the sensor’s performance in the customer’s application with a high level of accuracy, as well as stray field immunity. Simulation with this level of accuracy can notably improve and expedite the design cycle of sensor modules.

“Simulation software has become an incredibly powerful and useful resource for engineering teams,” commented Jerome Degois, regional marketing manager at Melexis. “Melexis has developed this online simulator to give customers fast, accurate results at the earliest possible stage in a project’s design. It delivers greater accuracy than other simulators, as it has been specifically developed to simulate how the Triaxis 2D/3D magnetic sensor will react when used with a wide variety of magnets.”

Simulating multipole magnets is not easy, as it includes complex physics. Consequently, simulators with this level of functionality are not commonly available from manufacturers at zero cost. It has chosen to make its simulation tool-free to use and incorporate as much simulation capability as possible. This makes it far more complete than competitors’ tools, as it gives results closer to how a real sensor would perform.

By Natasha Shek