Display includes PCAP and application board with environmental sensors

15-07-2021 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

The Electronic Assembly EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA, available now from RS Components, comes with a 2.8" IPS display including PCAP and application board with environmental sensors covering temperature, humidity and gas sensors for monitoring indoor air quality, equivalent to CO2 values.

This miniature touch panel is ideal for replacing physical switches and controllers in home automation, such as for use as control panels in caravans or for integration into kitchen appliances as well as wellness and fitness equipment. As well as the USB interface, it offers some more typical interfaces, such as RS-232, SPI and I2C. Digital in- and outputs, four analogue inputs, and a PWM output make it possible to use them as intelligent controllers for calculation and management of data and signals.

Together with the 2.8” display, there will be several different DEMOPACKs with individual application boards available shortly. These application boards display in an educational way how to connect external sensors and other circuits to the display. All boards run straight out of the box.

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