Avoiding the global IC shortage affecting power supplies

08-07-2021 | Components Bureau | Semiconductors

The global manufacturing sector has mainly ground to a halt due to the ongoing disruptions to global supply chains. International travel restrictions and seismic shifts in demand and supply due to the COVID pandemic has left dents in the highly globalised distribution networks. Hampered by a complex manufacturing process, is the IC. Global shortages in ICs have affected the supply chains of many essential industries, such as the automotive industry. Industry analysts conclude that the shortages will affect automotive production for at least two years.

Components Bureau recognise system designers value lowering these lead times as far as possible. That is why they have teamed up with a handful of power supply partners to sidestep the current global IC shortage and avoid the power industry’s place at the back of the queue for semiconductors.

One of these new partners is MORNSUN, which has an IP for its own IC design. They have much greater control over the supply chain, ensuring power supplies are at the beginning of the line to receive their custom ICs. This strengthens any designer’s route to market by eliminating unnecessary delays in sourcing components.

By choosing power components from partners like MORNSUN, the company can size down its complex supply chains. Even when the current global shortages subside, MORNSUN's tight grip on its own supply chain provides greater resilience to disruptions in the fragile global manufacturing network.

One of the products with excellent availability is the MORNSUN LMF series. These power modules offer a universal input voltage of 85-264VAC and can be utilised for either AC or DC output. The LMF1000 can provide up to 1KW of output, excellent for high power applications like EV charging, communication, lighting and industrial machinery.

For DC-DC power convertor needs, the MORNSUN PV Series is an excellent and reliable DC power supply. This product is intended for photovoltaic power, enabling control systems to get power straight from solar powers to improve reliability and sustainability. For medical applications, it provides the LOF series. These robust power supplies over 2xMOPP certification, including high 4000VAC isolation and very low leakage. For medical devices where fast lead times are highly critical, the company's own IC supply chains ensure the client's product gets off the ground in weeks, not months.

Contact the company to see how it can get your production back on track. They can assist in selecting the right power components for specific applications, and their knowledge of the global power supply chain network can help improve lead times and reduce design cycles.

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