Aerospace quality pressure switches for air and compatible fluids

22-07-2021 | Variohm | Test & Measurement

Variohm EuroSensor offers VEP products that are characterised by their exceptional precision, durability, reliability and long working life. The range includes aerospace class pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switches for air and compatible fluids. With five product series’ designs including low, mid-range and high-pressure switching from 0.01psi to 3,000psi, its extensive list of field-proven application areas cover airspeed and airflow detection, landing gear and brake safety systems, rudder control assist and other critical precision pressure switching tasks where accuracy, stability and repeatability are fundamental requirements.

Developed for harsh aerospace environments, each of its five product series’ comprises pressure, vacuum or differential switching with broad flexibility in mechanical and electrical options. For example, the 490 series has field adjustable pressure ranges from 3psi to 3,000psi in a lightweight gold-plated aluminium housing with a dual-spring and stainless-steel piston design that maximises accuracy and stability and also allows high proof pressure to 4500psi. Created to meet FAA’s 15-minute flame test requirement, the series has an altitude range from -1000ft to 50,000ft and, like all other product series available, offers SPDT switching at 5A-resistive from a 30VDC supply.

Other VEP models cover low-pressure and medium-pressure switching – the 654 series covers a 0.1psi to 6psi setpoint range whilst the 648 series range is 40psi to 500psi. High-temperature versions, shock and vibration resistant models, aluminium and optional stainless-steel housings and a variety of seal materials fulfil durability needs throughout the complete range. As well as field adjustable setpoints, factory-set and tamper-proof models are available. SPDT and DPDT switching and comprehensive pressure port and electrical interfacing options ensure that applications are fully met without compromise, although a custom design service is also offered.

By Natasha Shek