Scope expanded of solid-state LiDAR transportation monitoring solution

17-06-2021 | Toshiba | Automotive & Transport

Toshiba Corporation has an updated version of its solid-state LiDAR solution. This new unit delivers what is claimed to be the world’s smallest volume, along with industry-leading resilience to wind and vibrations. It supports a detection range of 200m, as well as claiming a higher resolution than any other sensor on the market of similar size. The upgraded performance of the new LiDAR unit will assist in accelerating the progression towards autonomous driving. It will also open up application opportunities for monitoring transportation infrastructure in areas such as early detection of road subsidence or landslides, snow cover, or fallen objects on roads.

Its upgraded unit provides an alternative with excellent performance, as it achieves clear, long-distance, robust 3D scanning and object detection over a broad variety of lighting and weather conditions. It is also remarkably compact, measuring only one-third the size of the earlier prototype.

“We have developed technologies essential for a compact, high-resolution, long-range solid-state LiDAR solution that is robust and simple to implement. Major demand for such a versatile solution is anticipated in both the autonomous driving and transportation infrastructure monitoring applications,” said Akihide Sai, senior research scientist at Toshiba’s Corporate Research and Development Center. “We look forward to deploying this next generation LiDAR unit in roadside installations.”

By Natasha Shek