New series of ultra-broadband capacitors for reliable and repeatable performance

01-06-2021 | AVX Limited | Passives

AVX Corporation has released new UBC 550 Series ultra-broadband capacitors intended to provide reliable, repeatable performance from 16KHz to 70+GHz in the ultra-broadband microwave and millimetre-wave RF applications with stringent operating requirements. The new UBC 550Z, 550U, and 550L Series ultra-broadband capacitors provide a rugged and compact single-piece, surface-mount, multilayer ceramic construction produced of the highest quality, RoHS-compliant materials and display ultra-low insertion loss, flat frequency response, excellent return loss, and high unit-to-unit repeatability. These characteristics make the series ideal for DC blocking, bypassing, coupling, and feedback applications within optoelectronics, high-speed data networks, trans-impedance amplifiers, broadband test equipment, SONET, TOSA, and ROSA, and other ultra-broadband microwave and millimeter-wave RF applications.

In addition, all three UBC 550 Series (UBC 550Z, 550L, and 550U) are rated for dielectric withstanding voltages of 250% WVDC for up to five seconds, are offered in rugged SMT packages with standard tin or optional gold-over-nickel terminations and are packaged on tape and reel in quantities of 500 or 1,000 pieces for compatibility with automated, high-speed, pick-and-place manufacturing equipment.

“We are proud to introduce our newest series of ultra-broadband capacitors, which are designed and manufactured to satisfy the stringent performance requirements of a range of microwave and millimeter-wave RF applications with frequencies spanning 16KHz to 70+GHz,” said Alexander Hall, RF/Microwave field applications engineer at AVX. “Our new UBC 550 Series ultra-broadband capacitors exhibit ultra-low insertion loss, excellent return loss, flat frequency response, and high unit-to-unit repeatability and — unlike competing two-piece solutions — have a compact, single-piece, surface-mount multilayer ceramic construction that’s made of the highest quality materials, ruggedised for reliability, fully compatible with automated assembly processes, and proven to deliver superior reliability and performance in DC blocking, coupling, bypassing, and feedback applications within ultra-broadband applications including optical communications systems and other high-speed networking equipment.”

By Natasha Shek