Connectors provide extra valuable space on PCBs

30-06-2021 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

TE Connectivity's Dynamic Mini-Series connectors for signal transmission on PCB have a lower profile than the existing Dynamic D1000, which providing extra valuable space on the board. These connectors are available now from TTI Europe.

These connectors perform to LV 214 test conditions. A positive audible locking feature makes life simpler for service engineers when installing and providing maintenance in the field. Housings in high-temperature nylon allow reflow soldering, speeding up system assembly, therefore, saving on the entire cost. High reliability is provided by the high retention force that the new connectors display between the contact and the housing due to their 'second lock' design.

Applications are getting smaller and smaller. However, the demands of the application will remain the same or increase. The series is smaller in size but provides the same performance as existing larger alternatives.

The protective latching concept serves to avoid accidental unlatching with a transitional sinking surface. This is one of the features that support the low profile of this product.

By Natasha Shek