Advanced highly integrated SOM for rapid IoT deployment

10-06-2021 | TT Electronics | Semiconductors

TT Electronics has launched its S-2CONNECT Creo SOM for rapid IoT deployment. The SOM board is intended for engineers, programmers and developers who are charged with decreasing R&D risk and fast-tracking their IoT applications development utilising a pre-certified SOM board with cellular connectivity.

This series of IoT solutions is an end-to-end framework that seamlessly provides hardware, connectivity, infrastructure and user experience solutions. By streamlining the secure connection of products and systems, users can deliver tangible results such as increasing efficiencies, excluding unnecessary maintenance, lessening carbon footprint and providing data-led business decisions.

The SOM is a robust, scalable and cost-effective embedded platform for developing industrial IoT products. Providing a powerful processor and cellular connectivity for global coverage, it gives the perfect communication bridge for true real-time sensing and positioning data.

“To meet the rising demand for connected applications, speed to market is critical, and the right development tool can accelerate the process. Even experienced developers and integrators can benefit from solutions that provide the hardware, software, firmware, connectivity and cloud-based services that will reduce time-to-market,” commented Kjell Karlsson, managing director at TT Electronics. “In addition, the connectivity landscape is changing, and as networks move towards switching off and sunsetting their 3G and 2G infrastructure, the S-2CONNECT Creo SOM has been designed with future-proof LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT technology to give customers confidence in a solution that will stand the test of time.”

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