Ultra-miniature reed switch ideal for position sensing applications

04-05-2021 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The Littelfuse MITI-7 ultra-miniature reed switch, available now from TTI Europe, is a normally open switch with a 7mm x 1.8mm (0.276" x 0.071") glass envelope, which can switch up to 10. It offers a sensitivity range of 6-20AT. The switch has a high insulation resistance of 109Ohms minimum and low contact resistance of lower than 150milliohms. The device is also provided in a surface-mount version, that is, MISM-7.

The hermetically sealed switch contacts are not affected by and do not affect their external environment. The device has a very low space requirement. Zero operating power is needed for contact closure. It is excellent for switching micro-controller logic level loads. It is capable of switching 170VDC or 0.25ADC at up to 10W.

Ideal for applications in position sensing such as security systems, metering, industrial controls, automated test equipment, small appliances, and reed relays.

By Natasha Shek