Thermal jumper chip removes heat from electrically isolated components

20-05-2021 | New Yorker Electronics | Subs & Systems

New Yorker Electronics now offers the Vishay’s ThermaWick THJP Series of Surface-mount Thermal Jumper Chips. The Vishay Dale Thin Film device enables designers to transfer heat from electrically isolated components by implementing a thermal conductive pathway to a ground plane or common heatsink while keeping the electrical isolation of the device.

Offering an aluminium nitride substrate with high 170 W/mdegK thermal conductivity, the chip can decrease the temperature of connected components by over 25%. This reduction enables designers to improve the power handling capability of these devices or increase their useful life at existing operating conditions while keeping the electrical isolation of each component. By protecting adjacent devices from thermal loads, overall circuit reliability is increased.

The device’s low capacitance down to 0.07pF makes it an attractive choice for high frequency and thermal ladder applications. The thermal conductor can be employed in power supplies and converters, RF amplifiers; synthesisers; pin and laser diodes; and filters for AMS, industrial, and telecommunications applications.

The device is offered in six case sizes from 0603 to 2512, with custom sizes available. The 0612 and 1225 cases feature long side terminations for additional heat transferring capability. The thermal jumper is offered with lead (Pb)-bearing and lead (Pb)-free wraparound terminations.