Reliable and secure wireless IoT networks within smart lighting solutions

25-05-2021 | DALI Alliance | Lighting Technologies

The Thread Group, together with the DALI Alliance, has stated that the DALI Alliance has adopted Thread as the first network technology to be available with DALI+.

The DALI protocol for digital lighting control allows the easy installation of robust, scalable, and flexible lighting networks. The DALI+ specification brings DALI lighting-control commands to wireless and IP-based systems. DALI+ with Thread will be the first network transport to deliver DALI over wireless, IP-based networks.

Employing Thread’s mesh networking technology, DALI+ with Thread facilitates wireless DALI with the same rich set of proven lighting control features and data-driven functions such as real-time monitoring, wirelessly.

“Smart technologies in the commercial space are transforming buildings into automated structures responsive to the needs of their inhabitants,” said Sujata Neidig, vice president of marketing, Thread Group. “Our work with partners like the DALI Alliance gives the commercial building community confidence that their IoT choices will deliver the enhanced capabilities and performance they need. We’re looking forward to seeing all the positive ways that lighting technology providers will leverage the power of DALI+ with Thread.”

“The constant evolution of smart building technologies is exciting, but change is also challenging because of the complexities around wireless, including interoperability and security threats,” said Paul Drosihn, general manager, DALI Alliance. “Partnerships between trusted organisations are central to ensuring seamless and secure interactions between lighting solutions and other IoT technologies. We trust Thread Group’s established and rigorous standards to ensure that smart solutions in the commercial space can co-exist without compromise.”

By Natasha Shek