New 15-pin full-metal D-Sub hood with two parallel cable outputs

26-05-2021 | Provertha | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Provertha expands its comprehensive product range to include 15-pin full-metal D-Sub hoods with two axial 180-degree cable outlets, a torsion and vibration-proof shield contact and strain relief based on a crimp flange/crimp sleeve system. As an alternative, strain relief and shield connection through external cable clamps for cable diameters of 4-14mm are also feasible. The new 10115DC series in zinc die-cast design provides users enhanced flexibility for cabling at bus interfaces. At the same time, it satisfies the high demands for interference-free data transmission in demanding special applications and railway and traffic technology. Thanks to the two parallel cable outputs, the new hood series can also be employed with D-Sub or bus interfaces that are close together and, due to its small installation width of 14.8mm, it can be utilised for space-saving, narrow three module units (one module corresponds to 5.08mm).

The 15-pin full-metal hood with two axial cable outlets provides a special housing design with exceptional shielding and a vibration-proof, screw-type locking system with Allen screws (UNC 4-40, M3) and pre-mounted spring lock washer. Four external cable clamps for cable diameters from 4mm to 14mm may also be employed for the cable connection. Alternatively, the cables with a vibration-proof crimp flange/crimp sleeve system (hexagonal crimp) can be utilised to ensure reliable and durable cable connections with torsion and vibration-proof shield contact and strain relief. Moreover, the new hoods enable the integration of a PCB due to their large installation space and an external cable connection. Repeated opening of the full-metal hoods poses no difficulty whatsoever and does not impair the high-quality product characteristics, such as the HF density.

For application-oriented and functionally reliable solutions, the company provides a comprehensive product range with over 20 hood systems made of plastic, metallised plastic and solid metal. Quick and easy mounting due to a practical design with a minimal number of individual parts is a key feature of all of its D-Sub hoods ('Quick Mount'). For applications with high EMC demands, it has developed full-metal hoods with a special housing for 360-degree shielding. 'Quick Lock' is the vibration-proof push-pull system qualified according to EN 61373 and can be locked with an audible click even in hard-to-reach locations. Many cable outlet options (straight, angled, multiple) and the extensive range of accessories, application-optimised solutions can almost always be realised with no restrictions.

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