Expanded variable resistor portfolio offers space-saving potentiometers and encoders

14-05-2021 | TT Electronics | Passives

TT Electronics has announced three new product families and three series expansions to its variable resistor portfolio. These additions incorporate one new encoder series and two new single turn potentiometer families, together with the widening of three current potentiometer families. These new products are excellent for rugged industrial applications such as welding equipment and machine controls and a variety of professional audio applications, including amplifiers, electric guitars, and mixers.

“TT Electronics has been committed to providing world-class products and service to the industrial and professional audio markets, and our newest additions are indicative of that pledge,” said Barry Peters, VP product management and Engineering, TT Electronics. “With more technical variations than ever before, our portfolio offers designers greater flexibility to enhance the quality and reliability of their end products.”

The EN05 series miniature rotary encoder offers precision control of small portable equipment. Its compact size and hollow shaft design make the encoder excellent for applications where space is limited, but precise functionality control is needed, such as computer accessories and electronic devices.

The new P166 and P265 rotary potentiometer families provide a broad range of resistance, from 500Ohm to 1MOhm, and are intended to satisfy modern wave soldering processes. These products are offered with various taper, shaft, bushing, multi-gang, multi-output, and switch options. Typical applications for P166 include amplifiers, mixers, synthesisers, audio/car radio, appliances, and industrial controls; P265 applications include audiovisual equipment, test and measurement equipment, portable radios, walkie talkies, and laboratory equipment.

Upgrades to the current P09x and P260 series TT potentiometers better explain the options obtainable within each series. The P09x is now offered with concentric shafts (P09xC) and centre tap styles (P09xT), ideal for audio equipment, amplifiers, mixers, TV and multimedia sound systems, headphones, and portable radios. The P260 series provides a P260L with standard wire lead and a P260R with standard ribbon lengths. The P270 series comprises the P279, featuring heavy-duty bushing style and seven new electrical angles, ideal for machine controls, welding equipment, and foot pedal controls.

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