Design suite accelerates embedded security implementations

13-05-2021 | Microchip Technology | Design & Manufacture

In 2019, Microchip Technology launched its Trust Platform for its CryptoAuthentication family, bringing the industry’s first pre-provisioned solutions for hardware-based secure elements to companies of every size needing a simple way to implement secure authentication. The company is further enhancing this service with the newest enhancements to its Trust Platform Design Suite (TPDS) — its dedicated software platform for device configuration and onboarding to its secure provisioning services for embedded security.

TPDS version 2 (v2) software now allows the company's partners to add use cases to its rich security solutions onboarding ecosystem, further expanding developers’ already wide options for implementing best-in-class security. It now includes support for additional security solutions such as the TA100, the first cryptographic companion device for the automotive market.

“Our TPDS v2 software makes it easy for developers to comply with existing standards and upcoming regulations for embedded system security by making security best practices an integral piece of an intuitive and streamlined process,” said Nuri Dagdeviren, vice president of Microchip’s secure products business unit. “We will continue helping our customers accelerate time-to-market and win long-term business through reliable hardware and secure solutions. TPDS will also support onboarding and provisioning services for Microchip security solutions beyond secure elements.”

One of the biggest advantages of TPDS v2 is that it allows third-party partners to add their own use cases to enhance customer options for secure element onboarding and security features. Among its partners is EBV Elektronik. EBV Elektronik empowers TPDS v2 users to connect to the Avnet IoTConnect Cloud quickly and securely through the ATECC608B TrustFlex configuration using the EBV-IoT 'Secure Shield' evaluation kit.

“We have a strong relationship with Microchip and are very excited to be part of the Trust Platform Design Suite v2 initiative that makes scalable security available for all customers, on both the silicon and cloud side,” said Antonio Fernandez, vice president of technical development at EBV Elektronik. “Embracing best practices is an essential step in achieving our mutual goal of offering all customers the best security platform available. We believe the TPDS enhancements provide one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways for us to continue our leadership role in helping customers deploy best-in-class solutions.”

The suite is supported on Windows and macOS environments. The TA100 configurator is only available for the Windows platform.

By Natasha Shek