Rugged and accurate thermal imagers for proactive maintenance

26-04-2021 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

Users can take their plans for a proactive maintenance program and turn them into reality. The Fluke TiS55+ and TiS75+ are easy to set up image organisation and inspection routines. The devices come with built-in personal assistants, which means users can discard the clipboard and have all the information required embedded in the images saved.

The device offers voice annotation, records up to 60 seconds per thermal image, identifies exactly what is seen in real-time with IR-PhotoNotes. Users can take photos of asset numbers and other identifiers to use as a reference when looking at the thermal image on a computer. Also offered is Asset Tagging, sorting thermal images by asset and scanning a QR code on an asset, to then start capturing thermal images. Images will automatically be sorted by asset; simply connect a camera to a computer to view them.

The devices offer 84 x 288 (TiS75+) or 256 x 192 (TiS55+) infrared resolution and -20C to 550C temperature range. The devices have a 3.5" VGA Touchscreen LCD and offers water and dust resistant (IP54) and is engineered to withstand a 2m drop.